Considering a PlexiDor Performance Pet Door for your home and pet?

As the manufacturer of the highest quality pet door in the world, PlexiDor Performance Pet Doors would like to help make your pet door purchase the right choice for your home and for your pet. Since 1985, we have been manufacturing PlexiDor Performance Pet Doors at our US facility located in Bradenton, Florida. Throughout our company’s history, our product development team has worked closely with homeowners to design and engineer a safe, secure, energy efficient and dependable pet door for years of trouble free use. PlexiDor Performance Pet Doors are made of aluminum and feature saloon-style door panels which do not require vinyl replacement flaps. A lock, two keys and steel plate are included for security. The PlexiDor Performance Pet Door design eliminated the problems homeowners had with low-quality plastic pet doors. This has resulted in a loyal following of homeowners who have become lifelong customers of the PlexiDor brand. Everyone involved from manufacturing to installation of the PlexiDor product is extremely proud of that achievement. Your PlexiDor Performance Pet Door is backed by a 10-year warranty and a 90-day unconditional money back guarantee.

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What Do Our Customers Say?

"They have stood up to the beating the dogs give them. They keep the heat in the winter and flies out in the summer." - Alex Pierson [Ontario, Canada]

"I've had my PlexiDor since 2000 and it is super tough. My 85 pound Weimaraners blast though the dog door with mammoth bones and there is still not single scratch on the door panels. My toy Fox Terrier can use it with ease as well. It is the perfect dog door! I love it so much that i plan on adding a second PlexiDor in another location soon." - C. Tynes [Mississippi]

"Our life has been heaven and the reduction in air conditioning bills will more than pay for itself in no time. I just can’t say enough about how happy we are with the PlexiDor and all it’s done for our ‘doggy’ boys and us. " - Charles and Bonnie Wallace [Weatherford, Texas]

"I just wanted to say that i installed your PlexiDor 12 years ago. I have four dogs that have access to this door 24 hours a day. Needless to say the door has been used millions of times and i have not had the first problem. Thanks for a great product." - D. Rickman [Arizona]

"Our PlexiDor looks nice both inside and outside of the house. It is better than i had thought. We've had temperatures of -34° C since it was installed and i didn't feel any draft from the door. The front doesn't feel any cooler than the rest of the wall around it. Well insulated." - Kaylendra [British Columbia, Canada]

"I have had your PlexiDor for several years now. Here in Las Vegas our summer heat exceeds 115 degrees. In the summer, your doors allow the entry way to remain cool and keep the dust under control. " - Michael Bialac [Las Vegas, Nevada]

"We've had a PlexiDor for eight years and are amazed at how well it has withstood the pounding of three extremely active Australian Cattle Dogs. These dogs charge through this door at a full run and somehow it has survived, which is more than i can say for most things they get near. Love the door and highly recommend it." - Mike Cogswell [Virginia]

"We love this door and so does our seven month old Cairn Terrier MacDuff. We really are impressed with how well the door seals itself. There is absolutely no draft. Truly an exceptional product! Thank you. " - Val Berreth & Ian McIntosh [Calgary, Alberta, Canada]