Can I put a dog door through the wall?

When installing a pet door, it’s usually easiest to put it through a door. However, the PlexiDor cat doors and dog doors can be installed in all sorts of walls, and the PlexiDor wall unit gives a professional grade wall installation.

The wall units can be installed into stud, brick, block, or cement walls up to 12 inches thick. Each wall unit includes a sloped aluminum tunnel that connects the interior and exterior frame. The tunnel will not rust, and it is easy to clean.

If your wall is thinner than 12 inches, just trim the tunnel pieces down with included jigsaw blade or tin snips.

Wall installation of Plexidor pet door

The PlexiDor wall units come in the same sizes and specifications as the door units: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. Colors available are silver, white, or bronze.

Tools needed for installation are: jigsaw, drill, and screwdriver. (Jigsaw blade is included with the unit.)

Take a look at the PlexiDor size charts, measurements and cut holes.

Aluminum wall tunnel

New PlexiDor Awnings

Plexidor AwningThe easy to install PlexiDor awning prevents rain, sun, and snow from entering through a pet door. 

The pet door awnings are made from durable aluminum with a baked-on finish. They are available in white or bronze, and make a perfect accessory for all PlexiDor pet doors.

Awnings are not designed for installation on glass.

The small awning is 12″ wide and 8″ deep.
The medium awning is 16″ wide and 12″ deep.
The large awning is 23 1/4″ wide and 16 5/8″ deep.

PlexiDor Pet Doors visited BarkWorld 2013.

PlexiDor booth at BarkWorld 2013BarkWorld Expo is a yearly event held in Atlanta, GA, and the city greeted visitors with sunshine and friendly people. This year’s conference took place at the Westin Buckhead, and the hotel had prepared with water bowls in strategic places as well as a huge basket of dog treats.

The PlexiDor booth showed the medium and large dog doors, and visitors were treated to the 2014 PlexiDor calendar. One of the high points of the conference was a mascot attempting to crawl through the door. The costume head was too big for the large door, but with an extra large he might have made it. Visitors appreciate the tough panels that never need replacement, the added security through lock and key, and the steel security plate. A large number of visitors also showed interest in mounting a PlexiDor pet door in glass.

Amongst notable guests were Norman the Scooter Dog – world record holder – who showed off his abilities to ride a scooter and a bike, famous dog trainer Victoria Stilwell, and Matt Silverman from Mashable. The program contained a tight schedule with useful information for both bloggers and brands. Other activities included baking for dogs and painting dog bowls. Who knew painting a bowl could be so difficult?

Besides PlexiDor Pet Doors, a number of brands were represented. Some examples are BePawsitive, who offers pet lovers an opportunity to gladden not only their own pets, but also those in shelters. The company sells dog treats, and for every box bought, one is donated to a shelter. Natural Balance were present, offering samples and a contest. Petbrosia makes pet food tailored to each pet’s unique needs; owners supply information about the pet such as breed, weight, energy level, and allergies, and the company makes food with the ultimate blend for the pet! Another interesting company is TagaPet, who offers a way to track pets through QR codes, no monthly subscription needed.

The conference was a good experience, and we look forward to returning in 2014.

The BarkWorld mascot might have needed a larger door

The BarkWorld mascot might have needed a bigger door…

Sliding tracks with flip lock

PlexiDor sliding tracks for securing dog doorWhether you leave your home for an extended period, or want added safety every day, the PlexiDor sliding track accessory makes securing your home a breeze.

PlexiDors size medium, large, and extra large are delivered with a steel security plate that screws on to the pet door frame. The plate is a great tool for securing the home, and for signaling to pets that the door is locked. Using the sliding tracks, it takes seconds to mount the plate.

Attaching dog door security plateThe tracks attach to the dog door’s interior frame using just a screw driver, and the security plate slides down to its optimal position. Fasten the plate with the handy flip lock, and it’s done.

The tracks are made from strong and durable aluminum that matches the pet door frame. They are available in silver, white, or bronze, in sizes medium, large, or extra large.

The smallest door does not have a security plate, because it’s too small for a person to get through. Hardware for track installation is included.

German Shepherd with PlexiDor dog door

PlexiDor Pet Doors will be at the 2013 BarkWorld Expo in Atlanta, August 22-24.

BarkWorld Expo is the national pet social media conference, established in 2009. The conference covers social media, lifestyle, and technology as it applies to pet owners and pet businesses. Pets are welcome, but they must be leashed outside the off leash play areas, up-to-date on all vaccinations, and cannot enter the restaurants. There is doggy daycare available.

Of the BarkWorld attendees, it is estimated that:

  • 78% have a profile for a pet on social media
  • 85% have a presence on Twitter/ Facebook
  • 48% are bloggers

Most of the visitors come from the continental US, but other areas represented include Canada, Israel, Trinidad, and the United Kingdom.

Amongst the speakers this year are celebrities such as Victoria Stilwell, and the program is crammed full with everything from dog treat cooking to ways to generate press for a blog.

PlexiDors will be at booth 3 in the exhibit hall, which opens at 8:30 on Friday and Saturday. Visitors will be able to see and try the dog doors, and receive information on how a PlexiDor pet door can make life easier for people as well as pets.

The conference takes place at the Westin Buckhead hotel in Atlanta.

PlexiDor Pet Doors visited WoofStock 2013!

Woofstock 2013The WoofStock festival has been held annually in Toronto, Canada, since its launch in 2003. With 300,000 dog lovers and their furry friends coming together, it is the largest outdoor festival for dogs in all of north America.

Besides a large number of vendors, the show offered an agility ring, doggie fashion show, and a water park. There were all sorts of fun and games for dogs and pet parents, and prizes were handed out for best costume, dog tricks, and many other things.

Amongst the vendors were everything from dog bakeries to dog magazines, and a number of rescues visited with their adoptable pets.

PlexiDor pet doors shared a booth with the local DogWatch dealer. Interested visitors could see a PlexiDor, ask questions, and even register to win a pet door!

Frequently Asked PlexiDor Questions

PlexiDor Extra LargeIf you need a pet door, the PlexiDor is sturdy, secure, energy efficient, and comes with a five year warranty. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

Where can I install a PlexiDor?

The PlexiDor can be installed through a door, a wall, or even through glass. The part you see next to the doggie on the picture goes on the inside of the house.

The PlexiDor units for door installation fits a standard US house door of 1.75″ and the frame covers the cut-out edges of the house door.

PlexiDor dog door wall tunnelThe units for wall installation come with an aluminum wall tunnel that is adjustable from 4″ to 12″ On the image to the right, the door is seen from the outside of the house. The aluminum tunnel is angled to drain water and snow to the outside.

When it comes to installations in glass, every size door from the small one to the extra large and the electronic PlexiDor can be mounted in a sliding glass door, french style door, or window. To read more about this and to see installation photos, please follow this link.

What kinds of pets can use a PlexiDor?

The PlexiDor comes in several sizes to accommodate everything from cats to dogs weighing up to 200 lbs. The doors on the larger models swing so easily that smaller pets can use a bigger door.

If in doubt, check out the PlexiDor SizeChart.

The door looks so small. Will my dog really go through there?

If you have the right size according to the PlexiDor SizeChart, the answer is generally “Yes.” The door isn’t meant to be mounted flush with the floor; the pets lift their legs and walk/run over a threshold. The reason for this is that you want the opening to be as small as possible while still being big enough for your pet.

Looking at the chart above, the extra large PlexiDor, for example, should be mounted 12″-14″ up from the floor, unless a dog needs it to be lower.

Is it hard to teach a pet to use the door?

Pets generally catch on to the idea quickly. Prop the panels open and tempt your cat or dog with a treat. Once they go through with the panels open, try the same thing with panels closed. Many pets who won’t use other pet doors still like the PlexiDor because they can see the other side through the panel.

What warranties do you have?

The PlexiDor comes with an unconditional 90 day money back guarantee. Shipping charges are non refundable, but the factory will refund the purchase price in full.

The PlexiDor also comes with a 5 year warranty. Any defective part will be repaired or replaced, including standard shipping charges, for five years from the purchase date. Labor is not covered.

This warranty covers residential use. Commercial kennels should use the BiteGuard line of pet doors.

Do you have a door that will let my dog out but keep the cats inside?

We can’t guarantee that. The PlexiDor Electronic opens only for pets with a key, but cats are quick and can follow the dog outside.

How does the PlexiDor Electronic work?

It’s like a miniature garage door for pets. The pets allowed to use the door get collar keys with RFID. The keys are waterproof, shock proof, and do not require batteries.

When the key comes close to the door, the panel slides up. You can program how long the door will stay open, and since there are thousands of RFID codes you can feel confident the door will only open for your pets, even if other animals in the neighborhood have similar keys.

PlexiDor Pet Doors visited BlogPaws 2013

There were around 500 human attendees and more than 80 dogs. Many of the smaller pets visited in strollers pushed by their human families. With so many different kinds of animals one could expect a certain disorder, but everyone behaved and respected the other species’ space.

The conference offered workshops in everything from how to work with brands to creating buzz for a website, and most of the meeting rooms filled to the brim. The exhibit hall was also popular, along with the doggie play rooms.

PlexiDor Pet Doors had a booth where interested visitors could see and try the doors, and a giveaway where one lucky winner would get the PlexiDor of their choice.

BlogPaws is more than a conference; it is a social media hub where pet bloggers unite. During fall 2013, PlexiDor Pet Doors will come together with bloggers in the BlogPaws network for product tests and reviews.

Plexidor winner
Marie Pickard won the door prize; a PlexiDor dog door

What is an electronic pet door?

Plexidor electronic pet door dog exitingAn electronic pet door lets your furry friend have a key to the home. Many electronic doors just release a latch so the pet can push the door open, but the PlexiDor is a little different: it has a composite panel that slides up and down like a miniature electronic garage door. 

The door and key use RFID, and when a pet with a key comes close, the door reads the pre-programmed code. If it’s the right code, it will open. When the panel is closed, it acts as a security door. It has a safety to prevent it from closing if something is in the way, thus a pet’s tail or paws can’t get stuck in it.

It is easy to program the door, and easy to add keys for more than one pet. One can also choose how long the door should stay open.

PlexiDor pet doors at PetFest 2013

Doggie-Do-Rite from Houston is a family owned company that has been a reseller and installer of PlexiDor dog doors and cat doors for over ten years. They displayed the PlexiDor line of products at PetFest 2013 in Old Town Spring, 20 minutes north of Houston.

The people at Doggie-Do-Rite are experienced and know the ins and outs of most cat doors and dog doors available on the market. The owners share their lives and home with several dogs, and put an emphasis on keeping pets safe and happy. They know what size pet door is needed and where the best place for installation of the cat door or dog door will be.

PetFest 2013 is an event dedicated to finding homes for animals in shelters and rescues in Houston and surrounding areas. Besides seeing dog doors and cat doors, the festival offers fun, entertainment, and education. The intent is to help raise money, volunteers, and foster homes in order to save as many homeless pets as possible.