7 Tips to Keep Your Dog Calm During Fireworks

Keeping Your Dog Calm During Fireworks on the 4th

It can be difficult to keep your dog calm during fireworks on the 4th. For humans, fireworks are a fun, enjoyable part of the 4th of July. It’s a time to gather with family and friends to celebrate and have fun. Unfortunately, the revelry can be a frightening time for dogs across the country disturbed by the loud bangs and thundering booms.

How To Keep Dog Calm During Fireworks on the 4th

  • Desensitize Your Dog – To keep your dog calm, get your dog used to the sounds of fireworks. You can play a firework video on YouTube all the while playing with your dog to associate good things with the fireworks. Take it slow, don’t do too much, too fast.
  • Be sure to give your dog a safe space to go to. This may be their crate or moving their bed against an interior wall with the shades drawn. Try turning on a noisy fan or music to drown out the noise from outside.
  • Distract your dog with treats. Any long-lasting treat your pet enjoys works great! A rawhide bone or a KONG dog toy with frozen peanut butter inside are a wonderful, time-consuming snack. There are also some good doggie puzzle toys on the market you may try.
  • Anxiety shirt – this is a vest that wraps around your dog’s torso making them feel safe and secure. You can purchase an anxiety shirt (there are several brands) or there are DIY versions using an ACE bandage.
  • Anti-anxiety herbal supplements and medications – There are several over-the-counter herbal options to calm your stressed pets. Check with your vet to see what they recommend. In extreme cases, your vet may suggest a prescription medication, but this is usually reserved for extreme cases and as a last resort.
  • Just stay home – Not the most fun option for you, but perhaps the best to keep your dog calm is simply staying home. Your dog will be happiest if their human is with them for comfort during their distress.
  • Most importantly, Keep Your Dog In – Many dogs, in their fear, will panic and run on the night of the fourth. Plan to keep your dog inside and supervise their potty trips, just to be safe.

Don’t forget to shut or block off the dog door. This task is easy with a PlexiDor dog door. They come with a security cover for just this type of situation.

Also, double check the information on their tags and microchip database are up to date.

The fourth of July doesn’t need to be a stressful time for your dog or for you, worrying about your dog. There are some simple solutions to making this a great holiday for everyone!