What Is It About The Golden Retriever?

There are many qualities about the Golden Retriever that make it one of the most beloved dogs around. These qualities have contributed to the AKC citing the Golden as the third “Most Popular Dog Breed” for 2020. They have been considered among the “smartest” dog breeds by some. Regardless of popularity or intelligence, it’s hard to argue with their cuteness factor. Goldens have looks and smarts, what else is there?

About the Golden Retriever's many qualities

Amazing Facts About the Golden Retriever

  • Versatile in their purpose, they are known for being bird dogs, family pets, service dogs for the disabled and search and rescue dogs
  • They are easy to train; reliable and consistent in following commands
  • Enjoyable and even-tempered, playful and friendly. They are a “smile-y” dog and generally do well with kids and other animals
  • They have a water-repellant coat
  • There are three different recognized colors for Goldens: golden, light golden and dark golden
  • There are three different types of Goldens: English, Canadian and American. The English Golden is light golden to white in color and is stockier than the Canadian and American Goldens, which share the same slighter build. However, a Canadian Golden Retriever’s coat is thinner than the American Goldens’.
  • They weren’t recognized as a breed by the AKC until 1925.
  • Goldens need 40 minutes or more of exercise each day or the equivalent of two good walks.
  • They like to chew. You can curb this by providing toys to mouth.
  • Obedience training is a must to have a relaxed and well-mannered dog.
  • The Goldens’ beautiful feathered coat needs to be brushed daily to avoid matting and keep shedding down. They have a distinctive odor about them and are prone to produce lots of dander.
  • They are super-energetic as puppies and require much mental stimulation and room to romp. They tend to jump and play more vigorously as puppies. One thing about the Golden Retriever, they start out a true puppy, playful and rambunctious, then calm down as they mature.
  • Their need for mental stimulation continues into adulthood and enjoying the backyard through an electronic PlexiDor Dog Door https://plexidors.com/product/plexidor-electric/

won’t be enough for them. (Although it will save you from getting up and down to let them out.) You may consider doggie agility classes to keep them entertained and get the energy out.

  • Golden Retrievers have lots of potential health problems. They are prone to joint and bone diseases, heart disease, epilepsy and cancer. While this breed can live up to 12-13 years, the later years may not be healthy due to chronic illness.

The Golden has many wonderful character traits and qualities that put this breed at the top of many dog lover’s lists. However, they won’t be a good dog fit for everyone. They are a moderately high maintenance dog, as they need exercise at least twice daily and daily brushings. They are friendly, playful, mouthy, and easy to train. And they will more-than-likely experience health issues in later life. Now that you know more about the Golden Retriever, will this be the dog for you?

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