Benefits of a Dog Door

There are more benefits of a dog door than just convenience for the dog owner. Although convenience is a key factor. Your dog’s health and happiness profit from the addition of a dog door. A well-constructed, attractive door is even an asset to your home. As dog owners we want the best for our companions and allowing them freedom outside can provide safety for them and peace of mind for us.

One of the benefits of a dog door in a French Door is not losing line of sight to the backyard

Your dog’s health is a primary concern for all dog owners. While dogs can hold their urine for long stretches, many up to 8 hours, it’s not good for their urinary health. It can lead to urinary tract infections and other more serious bladder and kidney diseases. The easiest way to keep urinary health up is regular drinking and urination. This can be facilitated by a pet door.

The dog door also reduces your dog’s stress when they need to go to the bathroom. They know they shouldn’t relieve themselves in the house, but they just can’t hold it any longer. They don’t want to disappoint you by going in the house. Stress affects a dog’s overall health just as it does ours.

They may begin to show signs of stress and anxiety by tearing up the house. Or their way of signaling you they need to use the bathroom may be to scratch on the door. Either way, it saves your house to install a dog door.

Safety is another benefit of a dog door. In case of an emergency, your dog can exit the house on their own.

Dogs can also get stimulation from being outside they can lack by being cooped up indoors.

And, of course, there is convenience for you and your pet that a dog door affords.

If you have security concerns surrounding a dog door that may outweigh the benefits of a dog door, consider a PlexiDor Dog Door. Our doors come with a security plate standard. Our Electronic dog doors have a RFID chip for the collar that allows only the dog wearing the chip access to the door. If you have any questions, contact us or call 888-PET-DOOR. Our Customer Service team is happy to answer any questions!