Choose the right pet door size

Choose the Right Pet Door Size - PlexiDor Glass SeriesMany find pet door sizing counter-intuitive. It’s easy to fall into the thought-trap that the dog door needs to be as tall as the dog is, and the right size can look small compared to the dog.

Remember that most dogs bow their head and lift their legs when they go through the door. This means the dog door can be shorter than the dog.

A correctly installed dog door is raised from the floor, making  a threshold for the dog to step over. Look at the image top right.

Why not make the door taller?

It might be an option for a family with fairly small pets. If you have a large dog, that would give an enormous hole in the door or wall. Besides being inefficient, a door panel the size of a Great Dane would be very heavy for the dog to open.

What if I have smaller and larger pets?

The PlexiDor dog doors are easy to open, and a smaller pet can generally open and use a larger door. You might have to adjust the height from the floor to find a position where the large dog doesn’t have to crouch to get through, and the smaller dog can still reach to get in and out.

PlexiDor dog doors come in sizes from small to extra large, and can accommodate everything from the smallest Chihuahua to an Irish Wolfhound.

Click here to download a size chart with recommended dog weights and dog door measurements. If you have any questions about door sizing, don’t hesitate to contact customer service. They have extensive experience and will help you find the best door for your pets.

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