At PlexiDor, we’re proud of our customer testimonials, customer service and the warranty and guarantee we offer on out dog doors.

Skoglund customer testimonial
“My wife and I own three Leonbergers and three Chinooks. We were constantly replacing flaps or panels. Then we installed two PlexiDor XL units at our new home. They have functioned flawlessly and allow our pets 24 hour access to their yard. We are very satisfied that we invested in a superior product.”Rick Skoglund – Waldoboro, Maine


Goodman customer testimonial
“We are very pleased with your product, the PlexiDor Wall Unit. The Medium size is perfect for our 21 pound terrier mix “Cashew.” We completed the installation ourselves with professional results. Thank you for making such a great product that opens doors for pets around the country!”Paul Goodman – San Diego, California


West customer testimonial
“I have five big dogs, Mastiffs and Bull Mastiffs, and have used the Plexidor XL dog door for 15 years now. The constant use of this dog door by these dogs is proof of their value. And the technical support is terrific.”John West – Granite Falls, Washington


McMurtrie customer testimonial
“This dog door has single handedly changed my life. I have so much more freedom, I basically feel like I have a full time caretaker for my dog. In addition to being an incredibly well made and designed product, the PlexiDor customer service has been beyond my expectations. This is probably the best money I ever spent, my Pit Bull and I couldn’t possibly be happier.”Ryan McMurtrie – Winneconne, Wisconsin


Braverman customer testimonial
“I had a PlexiDor dog door for eight years. My collie and chow RAN through that door a hundred times a day and it never failed. The wall unit is still in that house, now a rental. This house came with a flap and my two fast and loving pit bull mixes deserve better. Time for a new PlexiDor, this will be the third unit I have installed.”Rich Braverman – Las Vegas, Nevada


Mater customer testimonial
“I purchased my first Electronic PlexiDor in the summer of 2010. The door was professionally installed and looks amazing. It is made to blend in with your home and looks much nicer than others on the market. We love the door so much that we recently purchased a wall unit for another property we have. I highly recommend PlexiDor. Well worth the initial cost, you get what you pay for.”Shelli Mater – Austin, Texas


“Have loved my PlexiDor for 15 years! Thank you for such a good product!”Preppy Jennings – Greenville, NC

“The PlexiDor Electronic pet door works wonders! Absolutely worth every penny!”Barbara Graham – Oregon, IL

“I have 5 big dogs, Mastiffs and Bull Mastiffs, and have used the Plexidor XL dog door for 15 years now. The constant use of this dog door by these dogs is proof of their value. And, the technical support is terrific.”J West – Granite Falls, WA

“The door is everything you said it was, and more. The nicest part is that it does not allow all the drafts we experienced with our old pet door.”J Foster – FL

“I’m on my second wall unit since moving here 20 years ago. They are fantastic and I don’t know what I’d do without it.”Elaine Perry – Lewes, DE

“For dogs of substantial size, families with multiple dogs, dogs that are always busy going in and out, you must go with the quality your products supply. I am so lucky to have chosen my doors from your company. No other door can compare.”Merry LoCurto

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