Do I Need An Extra Large Dog Door?

At what point do you need an extra large dog door by PlexiDor Dog Doors? When you have a “large” dog you may wonder just how large your dog door needs to be. Our standard large dog doors accommodate dogs between 40 and 100 pounds. The opening for your pet on a large dog door is 11 ¾” wide by 16” high.   Usually at about 100 pounds you will need an extra large dog door, but the real determining factor is your dog’s width and height.  So you always want to check that the opening will be comfortable for your pet.

PlexiDor Large Dog Door

The PlexiDor large dog door will accommodate a wide variety of breeds in many different shapes and statures including Labradors, Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Boxers, Collies, Setters, Bulldogs, Pointers and Dobermans. This is not an exhaustive list, but will give you an idea of the dog types a large dog door will service. Be sure to measure your dog and be sure they can fit through the pet opening sizes shown in our sizing guide when deciding which PlexiDor Dog Door to purchase.  When in doubt, go larger.  A dog can’t use dog door too small for them, but a larger opening won’t be a problem and our saloon panel design is easy for small and extra large dogs to use. 

PlexiDor Extra Large Dog Door

When your canine friend weighs in above 100 pounds or is wider than 11 ¾” wide you will need an extra large dog door. This includes breeds such as Great Danes, St. Bernards, Rottweilers, Old English Sheepdogs, Newfoundlands, Irish Wolfhounds and Great Pyrenees. The extra large dog door opening is 15 ¾” wide by 23 5/8” high. 

The dog door always has to be installed high enough off the ground that your dog won’t have to crouch to get through the dog door and won’t hit their back as they go through the dog door.  So, you may also need a size XL if your tall dog has problems lifting their back legs, or if you expect that to be a problem when they get older.  In that case, the taller opening of the PlexiDor XL will allow you to mount the dog door closer to the ground, making it easier for your dog to use the dog door. 

Sometimes you need to get the size XL to accommodate the height differences between your dogs.  Perhaps you have a Jack Russell Terrier (low to the ground) and a Rottweiler.  You would need to get the size XL in this case to have the dog door at a height that works for the small dog and doesn’t hit the back of the large dog.  Our saloon style design makes it easy for even a small dog to use the size XL, so it works well for both of your pets.

The extra large dog door is sturdy and energy efficient just like our other dog doors. The acrylic panels are lined with a high density weather seal for maximum energy efficiency. They are manufactured in the United States and come with a 90-day money back guarantee. Our PlexiDor standard dog doors have a 10 year warranty.

Please contact our Customer Service Department with any questions on sizing or product or call 888-PET-DOOR. We look forward to hearing from you!