Boerboel Dog Breed

Boerboel Dog Breed


The Boerboel is a South African working breed also known as the South African Mastiff. The name means Farm Dog, and the breed originally served as worker, protector against predators, friend, and babysitter. With a typical weight between 154 and 200 lbs, a Boerboel needs an Extra Large PlexiDor dog door.

This breed stems back to the 17th century when settlers brought dogs from their home countries. The environment was unfriendly without veterinarians or medicines, and only the largest and strongest dogs survived. This resulted in a hardy and versatile breed known for being protective, intelligent, and eager to please the family.

A typical Boerboel is confident, calm, and devoted to its humans. They can be aloof with strangers, but are playful and affectionate with the owners – most Boerboels would like to spend their entire lives playing fetch. These dogs are gentle with children they know, and often allow children to get away with behaviors other breeds would not tolerate. They also do well with other dogs, cats, and pets.

As all working breeds, the dogs are intelligent. Like all dogs, they require socialization, training, and exercise, but few other breeds covet attention like the Boerboel does.

Today, many countries have outlawed the practice of docking a dog’s tail – it is considered cruelty to animals. The Boerboel traditionally had a docked tail to protect it from agile baboons and other animals that might attack and get an advantage through grabbing the tail.

The PlexiDor Extra Large is the right size dog door for a Boerboel.

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