Borzoi Dog Breed

Borzoi Dog Breed


The Borzoi is a large and elegant hound stemming from Russia where the aristocracy bred them for hundreds of years. There are records stemming back to the 13th century that describe hounds very much like the Borzoi, and the first breed standard was written in 1650. Most Borzoi will do well with a Large PlexiDor dog door, but some individuals will need an Extra large dog door. Contact customer service if you’re uncertain.

These hunting dogs were often used for hunting wolves, and they are bred to be strong and quick enough to be able to chase and capture a wolf. They are extremely fast and run between 35 and 40 mph. Someone considering a Borzoi should know the strong hunting instinct remains, and if the dog takes off after a perceived prey you won’t be able to catch up. Thus, it is very important to always keep a Borzoi on a leash, or in a securely fenced yard.

When they’re not running, Borzoi are known for being calm and easy to get along with. They are quiet, affectionate, and independent.

Borzoi require daily exercise and grooming. Brush the coat every day, or at least every second day, and be prepared for seasonal shedding.

This is a large dogs, males often stand 28 inches or more at the shoulder and weigh around 100 lbs. Even though they’re so big, they’re graceful and catlike indoors.

Depending on the individual, a Large or Extra Large PlexiDor will be the right size dog door for a Borzoi.

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