Jagdterrier or German Hunt Terrier

Jagdterrier or German Hunt Terrier


The Jagdterrier, or German Hunt Terrier, is a German dog breed developed between the two world wars. The breed was created to compete with British and American hunting terriers, and was designed to do well both above and under ground.

An average Jagdterrier weighs between 16 and 22 lbs, and requires a Medium PlexiDor dog door.

At the time, German nationalism was strong along with an interest in genetic engineering, and many wanted to recreate animals from the country’s mythology. This showed itself in attempts to recreate extinct and primitive horses, cattle, and even zebras. When the focus turned to dogs, breeders wanted a German hunting dog that would be able to best foreign hunting dogs.

The Jagdterrier was created through a massive breeding program that included 700 dogs at any given time. To start with, no dogs were allowed to leave the kennels, and any individual that didn’t look just right or show the right temperament was put down. After ten years, the Jagdterrier bred true each time, and the new breed was embraced through the country.

Jagdterriers are known to be courageous, reliable, adaptable, and intelligent. They are small in size, but big at heart, and have been seen to stand their ground against mountain lions and bears. Their smarts and adaptability make them great family dogs, as long as they get physical and mental exercise. Just know that they still have a strong hunting instinct and will pursue perceived prey if given the chance.

The PlexiDor Medium is the right size dog door for a Jagdterrier.

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