Kerry Blue Terrier

Kerry Blue Terrier

Beautiful dog

The Kerry Blue Terrier originated in Ireland, and has been used for hunting, retrieving, and herding both sheep and cattle. The Irish commoners developed the Kerry when the nobility started to use Irish Wolfhounds to protect their hunting grounds from poachers. The Kerry Blue Terrier helped the commoners to keep hunting, in silence, undiscovered. A Kerry Blue Terrier weighs between 33 and 40 lbs and most will do great with a Medium PlexiDor dog door. Large individuals might need a Large PlexiDor dog door. Contact customer service if you’re uncertain.

These dogs have a distinctive appearance with a soft, dense, and wavy coat. They shed very little, but still require regular grooming and should be brushed and trimmed regularly. As adults they’re gray, but the puppies are born black and their coat will fade until their around 18 months old.

Kerry Blue Terriers are energetic and active dogs, and do best in active families. They love to dig and to chase things, and they require lots of exercise. Without both physical and mental stimulation they get bored and can become destructive. This breed was created to work, and they do best with a job to do.

A typical Kerry loves people and is devoted to the family, but owners should be aware that the breed still has a strong hunting instinct. Early socialization with other dogs, cats, and other animals is a must to get a dog that will get along with others. These dogs can be quite stubborn as well, and require training.

Depending on the individual, the PlexiDor Medium or Large will be the right size dog door for Kerry Blue Terriers.

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