Norwich Terrier

Norwich Terrier

A Norwich Terrier needs a medium PlexiDor dog door

The Norwich Terrier is an intelligent and energetic working dog from England. This is basically the same breed as the Norfolk Terrier – the difference between the breeds can be seen in the ears. A Norwich terrier has perked, upright ears while a Norfolk Terrier has dropped ears. The two varieties were considered one breed for a long time.

The Norwich Terrier is one of the smallest terriers. They generally stand around 10 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh around 12 lbs. A small individual can get by with a Small PlexiDor dog door, but most Norwich Terriers will need a Medium PlexiDor dog door.

Norwich Terriers were originally created to hunt small vermin and foxes, and the strong hunting instinct remains in the breed. Even the most well behaved Norwich Terrier can succumb to instinct and take off after a squirrel or other animal considered prey, and it is wise to not let them off leash outside a fenced in yard.

These dogs love their families. They’re adaptable, eager to please, and generally get along well with children. They do need ample exercise – at least two long and brisk walks every day – and they’re happiest when they have something to do. If your Norwich terrier barks a lot or digs a lot of holes in the yard he or she is probably bored.

When it comes to grooming they need a weekly brushing. Most owners strip the coat twice a year – stripping means to pull out the dead top coat – and doing so maintains the dog’s characteristic appearance and gets rid of a lot of the shedding. They don’t need frequent baths, unless they find something stinky to roll in, of course.

Depending on the individual, a Small or Medium PlexiDor will be the right size dog door for a Norwich Terrier.

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