Poodle Dog Breed

Poodle Dog Breed


The Poodle is an exceptionally smart dog breed that often competes with the Border Collie for the top position in lists of dog intelligence. This friendly breed sheds next to nothing, comes in three size varieties, and are eager for all sorts of activity. The toy poodle generally weighs between 6 and 9 lbs and normally does well with a Small PlexiDor dog door. The miniature Poodle weighs 15 to 17 lbs and need a Medium PlexiDor dog door. The standard Poodle usually weighs between 45 and 70 lbs and need a Large PlexiDor dog door.

Poodles are the national dog of France, but the breed is believed to come from Germany. The standard Poodle is the oldest variety that was bred down to Miniature and Toy sizes. The words “standard,” “miniature,” and “toy” are only used to describe the size – all Poodles are one breed.

These dogs were originally water retrievers, and the traditional haircut was designed to help the dogs swim more efficiently. Patches of hair was left to protect vital organs and joints.

Many associate the Poodle with their traditional haircut – and avoid getting Poodles if they don’t like the cut – but there are many different ways to trim the Poodles’ hair. Many like the “Sporting Clip” where the coat is cut to follow the body’s outline.

Poodles are active and need exercise to stay happy. They do great in many dog sports, as circus dogs, and service dogs.

Depending on the individual, a Small, Medium, or Large PlexiDor will be the right size dog door for Poodles.

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