Dog finds abandoned baby

Dogs with their keen senses can find the strangest things, and bring home everything from golf balls to half a tree. Most doggie parents would not expect what these dogs found:

February 2013, a dog found a newborn girl abandoned in a plastic grocery bag in Cypress, Texas. State law allows anyone to drop a newborn off at a hospital or fire station with no questions asked. Abandoning a child outside, on the other hand, is a crime. This incident was the third in a short period of time where children were abandoned in the area.

June 2013, a dog in Thailand went exploring on his own, and found a newborn who had been wrapped in a plastic bag and thrown into a garbage dump. Pui brought the bag home and got a medal from the Red Cross for his good deed.

October 2013, a German Shepherd found a baby in a bag in Birmingham in the UK. This baby was later named Jade after its four-legged savior.

Even when humans let each others down, dogs are our best friends!


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