7 Dog Friendly Cities to Live In and Visit

We have departed from the days when the only treat in town for the dog is a biscuit at the local bank or pharmacy. Today truly dog friendly cities are gauged on the number of dog parks there are and restaurants serving cuisine created for dogs. Urban centers from all corners of the country are at the top of the list for catering to the canine.

Off-leash dog parks are a great place for a dog to romp

What makes a city dog friendly you ask? It is more than an off-leash park and a sausage specifically on the menu for the dog. These cities offer more. Criteria to make this exclusive list include considerations for your pet’s health and wellness like an ample number of veterinarians and lower average vet costs. Also reviewed are the number of dog trainers, caretakers and dog-friendly businesses in the area.

There are a healthy number of pet-friendly restaurants including some indoor dining establishments indulging our four-legged friends in these top ranked cities. All types of restaurants include dog friendly items on the menu; from cafés and seafood, to breweries and ice cream shops.  Grand hotels show their pet friendliness by providing pet beds, bowls and treats to pup patrons.

Outdoor dog friendliness is of equal importance to health. A dog’s outdoor life lends itself to their overall social, mental, and physical health. This includes walkability, weather and the number of parks available for outdoor recreation. Our list of cities boasts off-leash play areas, gorgeous landscaped gardens, acres of hiking trails for leashed pups, and off-leash beaches for swimming. Other less common dog friendly activities offered in these cities are kayaking, tourist attractions, yoga and seaplane tours.

Top Dog Friendly Cities in America

  • Austin, TX – A great place to try yoga with your dog!
  • San Diego, CA – Boasts one of the first off-leash beaches in the country and great weather in Southern California!
  • Portland, OR – Home to the most dog parks per capita in the country.
  • Seattle, WA – Company located here offering pet-friendly seaplane tours
  • San Francisco, CA – Most tourist attractions are pet-friendly including Fisherman’s Wharf, the Embarcadero and Golden Gate Bridge from 5PM to dusk daily.
  • Tampa, FL – Combine the dog park with a day at the beach at an off-leash beach with swimming!
  • Boston, MA – Furnishes pet-friendly historic tours of the city and surrounding area for dog loving tourists.
  • Colorado Springs, CO – Stay in a 5-star hotel that provides pet beds, bowls and dog treats to your furry friends.

If you’re looking to relocate or just taking a trip and the pooch is of primary importance in your plans, consider one of the above cities. They take “dog-friendly” to a new level. PlexiDor Dog Doors is located just around the bay from Tampa in Bradenton, FL and we love it! Contact us for assistance making your house more dog-friendly with a PlexiDor Dog Door at 888-PETDOOR. Our Customer Service team is knowledgeable and always happy to answer any questions.