Pet Door through Door | Small Dog Door

PlexiDor Door Units can be installed in any type of standard household door or glass.


Small Dog Door Unit(Item: PD DOOR SM)

The PlexiDor small is intended for cats and small dogs. It opens from left to right with precision smoothness. The panel swings so easily, even the smallest kitten or puppy can push the door open.

The cat door panel is made from shatter resistant, dual thermo-pane, hardened acrylic that will withstand years of use. All four sides of the panel are lined with the same high density, industrial grade nylon weather seal used on the larger units. The PlexiDor cat door provides the highest level of energy efficiency and ease of use.

The spring loaded 4-way lock can be set to IN ONLY, OUT ONLY, IN AND OUT, or LOCKED. Turn the knob to select. PD small units do not come with a steel security plate.

Size chart with measurements