The French Beauceron

The Beauceron is often mistaken for a Doberman Pinscher. They share the same basic colorings and markings and are built very similarly. The main differences are the Beauceron has a larger head, fuller snout and denser fur than the Doberman.

Beauceron with cropped ears sitting in a field

History of the Beauceron

They were originally bred to herd sheep and cattle on the central plains of France. As a working dog they are both high energy and protective. They’re a highly intelligent breed; brave and calm under pressure.

Beauceron may also be known as Berger de Beauce or Bas Rouge. Berger de Beauce translates to “sheepdog from Beauce”. Beauce is a region in France. While Bas Rouge translates to “red stockings” for their reddish colored feet and ankles.

These dogs served in both world wars as messenger dogs, supply transport dogs, search and rescue dogs, police dogs, and land mine detection dogs. Beauceron still serve the military and police force today in these and other capacities.

Although this breed was originally developed in the late Middle Ages, the Beauceron was only recently recognized as a breed by the American Kennel Club in 2007. They are ranked 124th out of 200 in popularity among dog breeds in the US. They are especially popular among women as a protector and companion.

Breed Traits

This muscular, yet graceful dog stands 24–28 inches tall and weighs 65-100 lbs, depending on sex. They have a smooth, but very thick, double coat. They don’t require much grooming, just an occasional bath and weekly brushing. Beauceron do shed. Regular brushing will help keep the loose hairs to a minimum.

The Beauceron can be found in black and rust, black and tan, tri-color and harlequin. The tri-color or harlequin coloration is gray brindle, black and rust. For years black and rust was the standard coloration, but lately harlequin is becoming more popular.

Most dogs have dewclaws. The dewclaw is the toe that doesn’t reach the ground on each foot. An interesting trait of the Beauceron is they have double dewclaws. In order to participate in dog shows, the dogs must have double dewclaws or they will be disqualified.


These dogs are protective of their family and territory. They are wary of strangers. They train easily and are a generally gentle breed. Although loyal and caring, they are a herding dog and may chase or nip at small children when playing. They are best around children when raised with them. Otherwise, Beauceron are recommended for older kids.

The Beauceron has distinctive black and rust colored markings

As a high energy, working dog they do well when involved in an activity. Good options are dog agility, obedience, flyball, or tracking and herding events. Beauceron do need regular active daily exercise; bicycling, running, hiking or such. A bored Beauceron can be damaging to property and possessions.

Beauceron puppy

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