The French Bulldog: Most Popular Small Dog

The most popular small dog among Americans, according to the AKC (American Kennel Club), is the amiable and very adorable French Bulldog. They rank fourth overall on the 2020 Most Popular Dog Breeds list and lead the pack for small dogs. Frenchies stay under 28 pounds and are about a foot high fully grown. Their coats come in a range of colors including cream, brown, and black. Their most distinctive feature is the “bat ears” that stand up off the top of their head.

Except for the ears, Frenchies resemble a bulldog, but in miniature. They have the same stocky, muscular build of the Bulldog covered with a short, smooth coat of fur. They have large, square heads with heavy wrinkles and folds of skin around their short, stubby noses. Their small stature and good-natured disposition, coupled with the fact that they seldom bark, has made them a favorite among apartment dwellers. They do not require a lot of outdoor exercise which is also perfect for city life.

While well suited to the city, they make excellent pets for anyone and are great with kids. Their alert and playful nature make them great watchdogs in any environment. The French Bulldog is a very adaptable breed and is just at home in a couple’s New York flat as it is in a suburban family of five’s split-level ranch in the suburbs. They get along well with people and other animals alike and make great family dogs.

Training for your Frenchie puppy is recommended for proper socialization and to curb their propensity to be stubborn. They do want to please their owners, so they are easy to train. The proper motivation, such as treats, make training easier. The French Bulldog is susceptible to obesity, so give treats in moderation.

Frenchies don’t shed much and are considered low maintenance dogs. They only require a weekly brushing to remove shed hair and an occasional bath. Their facial folds should be given regular attention to ensure they are kept clean and dry. It is important to keep your dog’s nails trimmed so that long nails do not cause pain.

White with black spots French bulldog looking up

As a flat-faced breed, French Bulldogs are prone to breathing problems and do not do well in hot and humid weather. Exertion in these environments should be kept at a minimum. They are also susceptible to eye conditions, skin allergies and autoimmune skin disorders. Be sure to contact a reputable and responsible breeder if you are considering a French Bulldog as a companion. As a small breed under 40 pounds, but larger than 9 pounds, a medium PlexiDor Dog Door would be perfect for your new French Bulldog. Contact PlexiDor with any questions or call 888-PETDOOR. Our Customer Service is always happy to help and enjoy your new French Bulldog furbaby.