Glass House Door or French Door with a Dog Door? How Does That Work?

Getting a glass house or French door with a dog door placed in the glass is an excellent solution to allow your dog access to the outside. A wall may not be available or you may not want to commit to the permanence of a hole in your house for a dog door. The entire pane of glass gets replaced, and should you need to remove the dog door in the future, a new pane of glass can be put back in. You can even keep your old glass if you have the space to store it!

PlexiDor Dog Doors has standard size glass door inserts to fit most any thickness glass pane in stock. They are easy to have installed or we have installation videos available for the DIYer. Review this video on properly measuring for the correct size glass insert:

How to Measure For a French Door with Dog Door Insert

Once the door has been measured, view the next video for easy to follow instructions for installation:

Install “How To” Video

If you’re not a DIY person, PlexiDor Customer Service can get you in touch with a local installer in your area. We are here to help whatever your question may be on your new glass door or French door with dog door. Give us a call today at 800-749-9609 Opt. 3.

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