Glass Units

Glass Units

The PlexiDor dog door and cat door glass units are available for installation in glass doors. Using a glass conversion kit, the door can go through a sliding patio door, french style door, or even a window.

The pet door will not block any part of the opening. With this system the glass door or window will still work just like the factory intended. The pet door can be installed in the exact same thickness of glass you already have.

Glass used in doors and windows is tempered. This procedure makes it stronger than regular glass, but it also means any cutting or grinding must be done prior to tempering. Thus, the existing pane must be replaced.

To install a PlexiDor pet door through glass, an installer will measure the width, height, and thickness of your existing pane. The dog door or cat door will be mounted in the new pane, which will be installed exactly the same way as the original glass. To make things even better, the old pane can be put back if you were ever to sell your home to someone without a pet, or if you no longer require a pet door.

For glass unit installation in Canada call Pet Access Solutions at 778-808-7421, 8am to 4pm pacific time. They have installers in all of Canada.

For glass unit installation in the USA call PDUSA at 941-752-7021 ext 204, 10am to 4pm eastern time.   They will help you find a glass installer.