How does a doggie DNA test work?

It is possible to ascertain a dog's breed through DNA analysis It’s easy to know what breed a dog belongs to if it comes with a pedigree. Some shelter pets can show their heritage, but most are completely without papers, whether they’re purebreds or mutts. Many dog owners would still love to know what their dog is, and science has given us the doggie DNA test.

A canine DNA test starts with ordering a kit to take a cheek-swab from your dog. This sample is sent to a research-company where it is compared to a database with DNA samples from different breeds, and the answer comes back in a few weeks.

The DNA of the original dogs would have been pretty similar, but over time genetic mutations have given birth to the breeds we have today. The differences can be seen in DNA, and form the base of breed DNA testing.

The analysis is fairly accurate in mutts with a purebred parent or grandparent, but some purebred dogs can also be difficult to ascertain. Some breeds are closely related, and some breeds are derived from another still in existence.

Many DNA reports also give in-depth explanations of a dog’s unique behaviors, personality traits, and wellness needs.

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