Tips on Introducing a New Dog into Your Home

The Gift of a New Dog

If you are considering introducing a new dog into your home this Christmas and you already have a dog in the home, be sure to take the following things into account.

To Get Started:

  • Give some thought on what type of new dog you will get. They will need to be compatible with your current pooch. Consider sex, age, personality and needs of your current dog.
Introducing a new dog during the holidays
Introducing a New Dog During the Holidays Can Be Tough
  • Arrange to be home for awhile when you first get your new dog to introduce the dogs slowly and to monitor the time they spend together. They should be introduced very gradually on neutral territory and ease into sharing space.

Keep Them Separated

  • Give them their own space. Their eating and resting areas should remain separate until they are completely relaxed around each other. When you are not at home and when sleeping, it is best for one dog, most likely the new dog, to be crated or separated in some other way.
  • Supervise play between the dogs at first. Rough play can result in growling or snapping and when this happens they should be distracted and redirected on to something else.

Let Them Be Dogs

  • Don’t punish the dogs when they have conflicts. It can lead to fear and then they may never learn to get along. Instead redirect their attention when there is a scuffle until they get comfortable with one another.
  • Keep excitement to minimum. As excitement increases, so can the potential for a conflict.
  • Avoid activities that may make the new dog feel restrained in front of the other dog, like grooming or bathing.
  • Ensure the new dog has and knows a way to signal to go to the bathroom. A good solution is a dog door.

Bear in mind that, when introducing a new dog into a family, it’s just a matter of time before everyone is getting along just fine. It will be an adjustment for everyone. If you are planning to get a dog door for convenience with the new dog, contact PlexiDor Dog Doors or call 888-PETDOOR. Our customer service is always happy to answer any questions you may have.