Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe During Halloween

Halloween is a spooky, fun time of year and all the candy, costumes and creepy décor are the best part for people. Unfortunately, they can be major stressors for our canine companions, but don’t worry. by By taking a few precautions, it is easy to keep your dog safe during Halloween.

6 Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe During Halloween

  • Put the candy up and out of reach. Dogs should not have any kind of candy for many reasons.   1) Chocolate is toxic for dogs and it can even be lethal. Chocolate can cause vomiting, diarrhea, rapid breathing, increased heart rate and seizures.   2) Raisins and many nuts are dangerous for dogs and raisins can be lethal.   3) Wrappers, string and sticks come with candy and can cause blockages that may need medical attention
  • Don’t leave your dog out Halloween night. People can be cruel and despicable things have been known to happen to animals on Halloween night. This is especially true for black cats and dogs.
Keep your dog safe during Halloween and keep your darker colored and black dogs inside

Keep your dog safe during Halloween and keep your darker colored and black dogs inside

  • Keep pumpkins, Harvest corn, and other decorations out of reach.  Dogs like to chew; especially new chewy things. Plastic decorations and the sweet smell coming from a pumpkin may be too difficult to resist, so save yourself a potential trip to the vet for gastrointestinal upset or blockage and keep these things out of reach.
  • Candle lit pumpkins and electrical cords should be kept out of reach to prevent a fire, a burn or an electric shock. It is always better safe than sorry!
  • Costumes can cause stress. When we wear costumes our pets may be stressed. They may make noise, not show our face, or just look weird. Costumes also cause stress for pets when they wear costumes. Many dogs do not enjoy wearing clothes and even those that do may be upset by a costume if it interferes with their movement, sight or ability to breathe or bark. Be sure to try the costume on them and make sure it’s comfortable for them.
Three dogs wearing sheets dressed as ghosts with a jack-o-lantern at their feet.
These dogs don’t mind their Halloween costumes
  • Keep stressed out pooches safe on Halloween night and away from the busy front door. Many dogs would prefer a quiet room to themselves. Some animals who are quite social may revel in all the visitors, but if your dog seems upset by all the commotion, give them a secluded spot to be alone. Should your dog get out during the front door opening and closing a million times, be sure he’s micro-chipped and your contact information is up to date. A collar with up to date contact info never hurts either.

As each dog is different, all concerns won’t apply to all dogs. To keep your dog safe during Halloween, determine which of the above applies to your situation and furry friend and take those precautions. For your PlexiDor Dog Door, you can lock the security door for the night or disconnect your RFID chip Electronic dog door for the evening. Contact us via email or call our Customer Service at 888-PETDOOR for product help or questions.