The Long and Low Dachshund

The “weiner dog” or dachshund is unmistakable in appearance with its long body on short, little legs. What the dachshund lacks in stature, she makes up for in personality and bravado. This spunky, curious and friendly dog was recognized as a breed by the American Kennel Club in 1885. However, this breed’s roots date back much before that.

Smooth coat dachshund on leash for a walk
Smooth coat dachshund

The breed originated in Germany around 600 years ago as a hunting hound of badgers, foxes and rabbits. Dachshund literally means badger dog in German (“dachs” meaning badger and “hund” meaning dog). Their long and low body was custom made to dig out burrowing animals such as these. They were bred to be fierce and bold. This was a necessary trait to go up against their dangerous prey they located by scent. Doxies have a high prey drive still and a surprising “big dog” bark they used to be heard as they went subterranean.

Dachshund Appearance

There are two sizes of dachshund. The standard is eight to nine inches tall at the shoulder and will weigh between sixteen and thirty-two pounds. The miniature of the breed stands five to six inches tall and weighs less than eleven pounds. Dogs weighing between eleven and sixteen pounds are called “tweenies”. These are American standards. Germany has its own identifiers for the breed.

Long haired dachshund walking through grass
Long haired

Doxies are most known for their short, smooth coat, but there are also long-haired and wire-haired varieties. They are vulnerable to the cold and should be kept in a sweater or coat in colder climates. No matter the type of coat, their fur comes in a wide range of colors from black to cream and anything in between. They may be one color or one of many different bi-color combinations.

Wire-haired dachshund on point

Other Dachshund Facts

  • Affectionate family dogs that live an average of twelve to sixteen years.
  • They get along good with other dogs and have a tendency to bark, but not drool.
  • They are better suited to older children and should be watched when around younger children.
  • They are stubborn and independent which makes for a not-so-easy training experience despite their high intelligence.
  • Dachshunds are prone to back injuries and should not be allowed to jump on or off furniture.
  • There is a dachshund museum, the Kleine Residenz or “Small Residence”, in Passau, Germany.
  • The 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany had a dachshund as its mascot named Waldi. This was the first official mascot of any Olympic games.

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