Looking for a dog breed that won’t shed?

While even “hairless” breeds technically shed to some extent, many breeds shed so little it’s virtually impossible to notice.

If you have a dog, he or she will shed. Surprisingly, this is true for many “hairless” breeds as well. When looking at a Chinese Crested or other hairless breed they don’t seem to have much to shed, but they still have some coat. If shedding is an issue for whatever reason, there are breeds that shed very little, and you might want to look into the dogs on our handy list.

Though the following breeds shed very little, many still require regular grooming.

The Yorkshire Terrier appears to have lot of hair to leave around the house, but they shed little. These are large dogs in small packages, and most of them love to explore. They’re generally curious, energetic, and have big personalities.

Another great little breed with big personality is the Border Terrier. They are affectionate, learn easily, active, and love to exercise. If you want a friend to bring on adventures, a Border Terrier might be your perfect companion.

Poodles are intelligent dogs and often battle the Border Collie for top position on lists with intelligent breeds. Poodles shed next to nothing, and are easier to handle than Border Collies, so this can be a great choice for someone wanting a smart companion.

The Bichon Frise is a cute and cheerful breed that sheds next to nothing. They’re small but harry, and love to be active and play. Many people allergic to other breeds do well with a Bichon Frise.

The wire-haired or smooth varieties of Dachshunds also shed little. They can be a bit stubborn, but have a convenient size, do well in apartments, and are fun and playful dogs.

On the somewhat larger side, the Portuguese Water Dog is known for being loyal and athletic. This is a breed that requires lots of exercise, and a Portuguese Water Dog can be a perfect companion for an active family.

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