Mid 1900s Presidential Dogs (1933 – 1969)

Franklin D. Roosevelt through Lyndon B. Johnson

The mid 1900s presidential dogs saw the country emerge from a deep economic Depression into an era of prosperity and decadence. There were many significant events during this time. The New Deal is enacted, Doris Day lights up the screen, World War II ends, the Civil Rights Movement, the Golden Age of Television, America sends astronauts to the moon, and Woodstock. Five presidents graced the White House, in their turn, during the years of 1933 to 1969 and they had twenty-seven canine companions between them.

Only Dwight D. Eisenhower (1953 – 1961) had just one dog, a Weimaraner named Heidi. The other four presidents had at least two dogs. Franklin D. Roosevelt – FDR (1933 – 1945), John F. Kennedy – JFK (1961 – 1963) and Lyndon B. Johnson – LBJ (1963 – 1969) all had six or more dogs. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue even saw some puppies from two of JFK’s dogs, Pushinka and Charlie.

More interesting facts about the Mid 1900s presidential dogs:

  • JFK gets the award in this time period for the “most” dogs. His family loved on eleven dogs. They had a Poodle, a Doberman, a Cocker Spaniel, a German Sheperd and a Irish Wolfhound/Schnauzer mix breed named Wolf. They also had a Welsh Terrier, named Charlie, and a Russian dog they had received as a gift, named Pushinka who gave them four adorable puppies; Butterfly, White Tips, Blackie and Streaker.
  • The most plentiful breed in the White House was a “non-breed”. The presidents had 5 mixed breed or “mutts” among them.
  • Beagles were the second most popular breed. LBJ kept four Beagles named Him, Her, Freckles and Edgar.
Four of the mid 1900s presidential dogs were Beagles
  • The most presidential dog is also our largest dog. FDR had a Great Dane named President. He also had a German Sheperd named Major.
  • Harry Truman had two dogs during his presidency, a Cocker Spaniel named Feller and an Irish Setter named Mike.

Just as the earlier dogs in the White House had been, the mid 1900s presidential dogs were part of the president’s daily lives. The life of an American president must be hectic and some say pets can boost your mood and health. Perhaps dogs provide more of a benefit to us, than us to them. Give back to your dog today with the freedom to go in-and-out at their desire. Visit our website for more information about a PlexiDor Dog Door or call us at 888-PET-DOOR.