Mix-and-match dogfoods give emotional reward to pet parents

contestTraditional dog food come as kibble in a bag, or stew in a can. As more and more pet parents get into cooking for their pets or feeding raw, the marketplace for dog food is also changing. According to research made by PetCo, a majority of pet owners customize their pet’s food in some way. It can be through adding vegetables or bacon to the regular meal, or through preparing it all from scratch.

Naturally, the pet industry is on top of the trend. Several  brands design food that require us to freeze, dice, heat, mix, and refrigerate the food. The food can, for example, come in a roll and be mixed with kibble and canned pumpkin. There are even customized dog foods, perfect for the individual’s breed, age, and activity level.

US sales of dog food totaled $21 billion in 2013, and is still on the rise. Some stores respond through redesigning their pet food aisles to look more like human food aisles. Several pet food makers are also rebranding their foods with recipes and names more appealing to humans.

What type of food do you give your pets? How do you make the decision?

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