“We’ve had a PlexiDor for eight years and I’m amazed at how well it has withstood the pounding of three extremely active Australian Cattle dogs. These dogs charge through the door at a dead run, but somehow it has survived, which is more than I can say for most things they come near. Love the door and highly recommend it!”Mike Cogswell – Vienna, Virginia

“Our PlexiDor electronic dog door is the best purchase I’ve ever made – our labs love it. We are selling our house, and it’s the first thing I put into the seller’s disclosure to keep! The buyer wants the dog door so much that we had to agree to sell it with the house and buy another! I’m happy another dog gets to enjoy it.”Sarah Gantt – Dallas, Texas

“I have had your PlexiDor for several years now. Here in Las Vegas our summer heat exceeds 115 degrees. In the summer, your doors allow the entry way to remain cool and keep the dust under control.”Michael Bialac – Las Vegas, Nevada

“Though your PlexiDor comes with only a 5 year warranty, I want to let you know how good it is: 14 years with no problem! It was the right choice then, and I think it would be the right choice for anyone who buys a PlexiDor today.” Maureen O’Connell – North Redding, Massachusetts

“Our life has been heaven and the reduction in air conditioning bills will more than pay for itself in no time. I just can’t say enough about how happy we are with the PlexiDor and all it’s done for our ‘doggy’ boys and us.”Charles and Bonnie Wallace – Weatherford, Texas

“I’ve had one of your extra-large PlexiDors for several years and I love it. After having had several other cheaper doors, this door is absolutely worth every penny.”Lewis Mills – Jefferson City, Missouri

“Just wanted to tell you how happy my dogs and I are with our PlexiDor. I feel that having the ability to ‘go’ whenever they need to is a big contributor to a dog’s health. After all, how many of us could wait 10-12 hours a day! Our PlexiDor has allowed me to leave my dogs comfortably in their own home whenever I have to leave. It has paid for itself many times over, saving my kennel fees, vet fees (no exposure to sick kenneled dogs) and stain damage to my house. not to mention not having to play doorman to 2 dogs in the middle of the night. We haven’t had an ‘accident’ since they were paper trained.”Laura Tobin – Woodstock, Illinois

“Your company has outstanding customer service and friendly, knowledgable staff. I just wanted to write to you and tell you how much I love your doors and how happy they make both me and my best friends.”Merry LoCurto

“I installed my kitty door in a basement window this summer. The cat finds it easy to use. It is now -10 with wind chill days and my basement stays nice and warm. No cold air comes through the cat door. Your pet door is a great product!”Val Maloney – Milford, CT

“We could not live without your pet doors!”Minetry Apperson – Memphis, TN

“I’ve had my PlexiDor since 2000 and it is super tough. My 85 pound weimaraners blast through the door with mammoth bones and still not a single scratch on the door panels.”Cassandra Tynes – Gulfport, MS

It is the greatest thing! It really is. It frees you and your dogs, and gives very little heat loss.”Eva Kaufman – Ontario, CA

“I love my Plexidor! The dogs love it even more!”Julie Thomas

“I installed your PlexiDor 12 years ago. I have four dogs that have access to the door 24 hours a day. Needless to say, it has been used jillions of times and I have not had one problem. Thanks for a great product!”Debra Rickman – Greenbrier, AR

“We are in rescue and this door is used many times throughout the day by 15 dogs. Largest is just under 100 lbs, smallest is about 8.5 lbs soaking wet. I have never found a pet door that will take the abuse like yours does. I am so pleased with this product. It is worth every penny of cost.”Janet Ochs – Lucinda, PA

“We’ve had four 120+ pound dogs banging through the door no less than 50 times a day. You make a great product, please keep up the good work!”Jim Grace

“The pet doors have paid for themselves tenfold and the dogs love them. We’re extremely happy with the decision to purchase PlexiDors.”Roger Goedde

“It is probably one of the most valuable things I’ve ever purchased, for both me and my dogs.”Jennifer J Lance – Three Mile Bay, NY

“This door is fantastic. My old door deteriorated after about a year of use with the rubber flap ripping, falling out, and letting in the cold air during the winters. With the PlexiDor the rear of my house is no longer cold due to drafts, and it’s easier for my pets to use. Also, it looks much, much nicer. This door is worth every penny.”Jeanne Drust

“I purchased an extra large dog door and just wanted to let you know how incredible it is! I have a 135 lb Rottweilser and a 100 lb American BullDog that are trying their best to break the acrylic panes. I think the house will come down before the dog door! Not to mention how air tight it is. I could not be happier with the product.”Britt Autry – Aurora, CO

“My English Bulldog loves the door, and so do I. It was so easy to install, and it operates very quietly. I am amazed at how air-tight this door is. There is no problems with drafts. I highly recommend it to all my friends with pets.”Nancy Pack – Corbin, KY

“My dogs race each other to see who gets through the PlexiDor first. The door is still good as new, 4 years later! I get extreme cold and extreme heat/humidity in Michigan, and my door has performed beautifully.”Noura Bashshur – MI

“Sincere thanks for your wonderful product. Your excellent service is also appreciated!”D.I. Dunnet – British Columbia, Canada

“Wind up here often blows at a steady 30-40 mph, but the door stays shut and the room warm. A few moths ago we had a very bad hail storm with over $11,000 damage to siding and roof. The door stayed shut!”Susan Owen – Mandan, ND

“In the year 2000, we bought a PlexiDor pet door. Since then, it has been used continuously by two large dogs, often at top speed. This has been the best money we ever spent.”Alma Taylor – WA

“The best money I have spent in a while.”Marjorie McMillan

“We had the best ever doggie door installed last week, and I don’t know how we ever lived without it.”Cathy Gaber Glass

“This is the first testimonial I have ever written for a product I have bought. I had to write it, because it was so well deserved. The door is worth every penny and then some!”Giesele G Matthews – Kirkwood, MO

“When I installed the door I wondered how long it would actually last. Prior to this we’ve had two other doors from other manufacturers, and one lasted for only three hours before being broken beyond repair. We’ve had your door since 2002 without a single problem. It withstands daily use from two 80-pound dogs.”Brian G Kelly

“I have nine Rottweilers and a cat that bang (not walk) through the door a thousand times ever day and night. It is incredible how much wear and tear these doors will take.”Sandra Jones

“I have a PlexiDor Large model I purchased five years ago. I think it’s the best thing since sliced bread.”Tony Culotta

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