Problems with cats and water?

Cats sometimes do things that seem peculiar. Like, drink out of glasses or the tap instead of the water bowl, or splash their water around before drinking. 

These behaviors are much easier to understand when considering that cats are wild survivalists. A cat in the wild will seek out moving water, because that is safer and fresher than standing water, and they’ll look for water as far away from their prey as possible, to make sure it’s not contaminated.

If your cat drinks from everything but the water dish, he or she might be worried about the water being poisoned by the food. This is a strong instinct and it won’t go away just because we think it’s a great place for the bowls – try moving the water away from the food bowl. Putting the water in the opposite corner of where kitty eats usually solves the problem.

Cats who prefer to drink from the tap or even the toilet might want moving water instead of the kind that’s been sitting still in the bowl all day. Some cats splash their water with a paw before drinking in an attempt to solve the problem. If your cat shows these behaviors, consider buying a recirculating water fountain for cats. This might not fit all households, and in that case, try changing the cat’s water more often.

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