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Pet Door Spring Kit

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Pet Door Spring Kit

(5 customer reviews)

The Small set provides the necessary single spring.

Choose your Size from the following:

The Small set provides the necessary single spring.



PlexiDor Dog Door Replacement Spring Kits

The Small set provides the necessary single spring.

Sizes Medium, Large, and Extra Large provide the necessary pair of springs.

  • Make sure to apply non corrosive grease to the springs.
  • Do NOT use WD40.
  • The Small set provides the necessary single spring.
  • Sizes Medium, Large, and Extra Large provide the necessary pair of springs.


5 reviews for Pet Door Spring Kit

  1. Tina (verified owner)

    We replaced the springs a few years ago and the parts came with grease. Would be nice if the grease came with it this time as well. Prices too high not to at least come with the grease.

  2. Rachel (verified owner)

    I have 2 Bernese Mt dogs and an xtra large door. I have replaced the springs twice just in the last year. They do not last. It just broke for the 3rd time.

    • Bill Zahn

      Ms. Sensenig, Please contact us so we can help you with this. It is very unusual for the springs to break that frequently.

  3. Gary Sciascia

    I bought my large bite guard tinted in wall dog doors in 2012. Until 2019 I didn’t do anything to the doors. 2 Malinois and Doberman SLAM their way through these doors countless times a day for 7 years with no problems.
    Had I known to look at the paperwork that came with the doors I would have known to clean and lube the springs every couple of years and I wouldn’t have to replace the springs in 2019. Still the doors are expensive but the frame and
    the door panels themselves show absolutely no signs of wear over 7 years. worth every penny. Get what you pay for. If I had normal dogs this level of quality and sturdiness of construction might not be necessary. After replacing
    several other doors that couldn’t withstand the abuse my dogs give I was finally glad to find doors that need no attention but occasional cleaning and as I know now, spring lube. BTW, the spring replacement or lubing takes 20 minutes tops.
    even less after you do it once or twice. Great product.

  4. Paul Boivin

    I have have had my large door for about twenty years and it has survived – for the most part – 2 big dogs pounding it each day. Just last year I had to replace a sealer and today I am ordering a spring kit.

  5. Cody Dillman

    I’m stressing to think you make these things to break just so I keep buying more. I replace these damn things twice a year at least! You’re taking advantage of customers. I’m just glad I’m getting a different dog door that isn’t made with worthless components that take advantage of your buyers.

    • Bill Zahn

      Thank you for letting us know your springs are not lasting as long as they should. Please remember you have a 10 year warranty and the spring are covered
      We have been tracking the premature spring failure, and have noticed this issue. Now we are looking at different designs of springs. Also, we are
      working with the spring manufacturer to see if the last batch ordered had the correct heat treatment with the correct gauge wire. We believe this issue is batch related, but each new batch is being tested by production.
      Our XL spring design has been in place since 2008, and only in the past yr we have found that the xl spring has been breaking quicker then normal. The normal life of our XL spring should be +- 3 to 5 years depending on the number of dogs using the door. Our Plexidor has been around since 1985 and we take great pride in offering the very best Dog door you can buy … so please remember we will find an answer to any problem Please call us if you have any questions 941-758-1951

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