Can the PlexiDor be mounted on a garage door panel?

Mounting a dog door in a garage door can be a convenient way to give pets their own entrance. Depending on your property style, access to the garage may be necessary for your pooch. The possibility for success, however, depends on the type of garage door.

There are three important considerations when installing a dog door in a garage door. The height of the door will be limited. Also, take into account the depth of the dog door must be taken into account.

First, when installing, always inspect the back of the garage door panel and make sure there are no obstacles that will interfere with cutting a hole for the dog door. Check for obstructions like structural support bars and hardware.

Dog Door in a Garage Door Height Considerations

The size of the dog door will be limited by height. The dog door frame cannot be taller than the garage door panel height. Should the dog door not fit completely inside one panel, it will interfere with the garage door as it opens and closes.

As an example, the PlexiDor Dog Door medium frame measures 13 3/4″ wide by 15 1/4″ high from frame edge to frame edge. The garage door panel would have to be at least 15 1/2″ tall to be able to accommodate the dog door.

Dog Door in a Garage Door Depth Considerations

Many garage doors are not very thick. Some are made of thinner materials like fiberglass or aluminum and the dog door is thicker than the door. The dog door will not mount flush on both sides of the garage door.

For example, the dog door frame is 1 3/4″ thick. The dog door needs to be screwed to the outside surface of the garage panel door and it must be flush with the garage door surface. On the inside, the pet door frame will stick out about an inch or so.