Can You Install a PlexiDor in a Sunroom?

Can You Install a PlexiDor Dog Door in a Sunroom?

Specific Situation: The sunroom wall is 3 1/2 inches thick.  Do I buy the PlexiDor Wall Unit dog door or the PlexiDor Door Unit model?

Answer: The sunroom wall is too narrow for the standard PlexiDor Wall Series unit and too wide for the standard PlexiDor Door Series unit kit. However, people have purchased the PlexiDor to have a dog door in a sunroom for years without a special trim kit.

The recommendation is to buy the PlexiDor Door Unit and have the sunroom company, or installer, frame out the hole for the dog door just like they would for a window.  They will then use a U-shaped trim around the exposed wall openings. Then they simply screw the PlexiDor to that trimmed opening.


Dog Door in a Sunroom Solution

Sunroom, solarium, Florida room, Arizona room, and patio enclosure all refer to the same basic structure. It is a part inside, part outside additional room on your house usually located off the backdoor. It is designed to enjoy the outdoors without the outdoor inconveniences like undue heat and/or bugs.

As sunrooms are typically located off the back of a home, they render installed doggie doors useless. This creates the need for a dog door in a sunroom. Sunrooms don’t always have doors into the backyard themselves and those that do may have doors inappropriate for dog door installation.

Some door styles are not thick enough for a dog door. Storm doors and screen doors will not support a dog door and will need to be installed through the wall of the sunroom. Depending on your specific sunroom construction will determine the proper PlexiDor Dog Door to use and the proper installation method.

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