Is it difficult to train a pet to use a pet door?

Teaching a pet to use a pet door is usually a quick and easy process. Most cats and dogs learn to use a dog door immediately, although some take several days. Do not push the pet through the door. Start by propping open a panel and coaxing the pet through with a treat.

Yellow lab trained to use a pet door by PlexiDor Sliding Glass SeriesThe following steps will make learning easy:

  • Put something your pet really wants on the other side of the door. This could be a favorite toy, or an extra delicious treat. Dogs like things with interesting smells, and most dogs will want to investigate a piece of smelly cheese.
  • Prop the door open and call for your pet.
  • Praise any progress. It’s important to be patient and maintain a good mood. Babying the pet proves the door is something out of the ordinary and should be feared. Forcing the pet through has the same effect.
  • If you have a door larger than small, so it has two panels, start with keeping both panels propped open, and when your pet goes through the hole willingly, close one panel, to show that they will swing open.
  • Give more praise.

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