Do I have to measure my dog for the dog door, even though I know the breed?

To get the right size PlexiDor, you should measure your dog, even though you know what breed it is. We have breed examples in the size guide, but these are examples – dog size can vary greatly between individuals in the same breed.

Dog with measuring stick to measure my dogYour furry friend will use the door many times every day, and they will like it better if it’s the right size. It’s a good idea to cut out the opening size in a piece of cardboard and call your pet to go through. That way you’ll see if the hole is the right size.

Read more about measuring your pet and what size door you may need in our guide, “What Size PlexiDor do I Need” This article also provides information abut smaller and larger pets sharing a door, and things to think of as your pet gets older.