How do I change the panels on my medium PlexiDor dog door?

PlexiDor MediumThe panels in a PlexiDor don’t need to be replaced often, but it can happen. The springs that close the panels once a pet has gone through must be removed, and this is a good opportunity to replace these as well. The effort will make your PlexiDor look and feel like new!

Start with removing the interior frame from the installation spot in your house door or wall. Unscrew and remove the spring hoods and spring assemblies. Instructions for this can be found here.

  • Slide the panel out of the frame.
  • Insert the new panel in the frame, bottom pivot first.

Make sure the 0.092 gray nylon thrust washer is in place between the bottom of the panel and the aluminum frame.

  • Replace the spring mechanism. Make sure you follow the instructions, so the springs are charged, or they will not work.
  • Check that the panels open and close like they’re supposed to, and put the door back in your house door or wall.

Brand new panels with brand new weather seal can seem like an invitation to dogs who like to chew. It’s a good idea to smear the edges with “Bitter Apple” – a cream available in most pet stores.


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