How long does the PDE key last?

The keys for the PlexiDor Electronic pet door are sturdy and can last for 8-10 years, but the actual time will depend on the pet wearing the key. The key we know of that has lasted the longest is from an install in 2008, so 11 years as this is written.

PlexiDor PDE Key Lasts a Long TimeThere aren’t any moving parts in the keys, just a microchip to be read by the door, so as long as the plastic cover is intact, the key usually keeps working.

Many dogs rub, scratch, and chew, which shortens the life of the key. Over time the plastic wears at the seams, allowing moisture to enter and damage the chip. Some multi-pet households experience problems with the dogs chewing each other’s keys.

We offer a chew-proof key as an option. It’s made with a Lexan cover – the same material that’s used in bullet proof glass. The Lexan shell protects the plastic and the chip inside. Give us a call at 1-800-749-9609 for more information!