My Bull Mastiff has figured out how to pop the security plate out of the tracks, what can I do?

If you have the sliding track systems, some dogs do figure out how to get the security plate out of the tracks. There are some possible solutions to the problem.

  • PlexiDor with security plate and sliding trackRemoving the sliding tracks and screwing the plate to the frame will solve the problem – but it isn’t a good solution, since it eliminates the convenience of sliding tracks.
  • Some pet parents have gotten a thicker and heavier plate to prevent their dogs from removing it.
  • We have heard of some pet parents who added support strips to the steel cover.
  • Some add a second cover and tracks to the outside, to make sure the dogs can’t pry the door open.

Also, make sure that you lock the panels with the key in addition to using the security plate.

There are some very large dogs who manage to push so hard on the panels that they damage the steel locking cam. We have a Stainless Steel cam that is even stronger, give us a call at 800-749-9609 to discuss.

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