My PlexiDor has lasted for over ten years, but now it doesn’t close completely. What can I do?

The PlexiDor is built to last, but daily use for a decade or more will wear on the parts. There is however an adjustment you can try. If your PlexiDor is still under warranty, contact us. PlexiDors manufactured prior to November 2017 have a five-year warranty, and the doors manufactured November 2017 or later have a ten-year warranty.

If the panels on your door won’t come to center, you can try to adjust them. Start by removing the interior frame from the house door or wall where it has been installed. Unscrew the four retaining screws in the inner frame and slide the door out of the hole.

Next, remove the spring hoods.

If it doesn't close completely, remove spring hoods to adjust doors

You will see a bent arm and vertical plate. Vice grip them so they can’t move. Next, pull the panel to center. When doing this, you are physically bending the bent arm and vertical plate into a new position, allowing the panel to center. It may take a few tries.

Diagram of a PlexiDor spring

If this doesn’t work, the most likely problem is that the aluminum is worn out at the pivot points. To fix worn-out holes, you can fill the hole with metal (weld), or epoxy, and re-drill the hole.