The PlexiDor cat door looks so small. Can my cat really get through?

The PlexiDor Cat Door

The small PlexiDor is intended for cats up to 24 pounds and dogs up to 9 pounds. It does look small from a human point of view, but cats have no issues using it. Most cats enjoy small spaces and feel safe in narrow passages.

Small PlexiDor with bronze frame works as a PlexiDor cat door alsoThe weight limit for cats is higher than the one for dogs, because they’re built differently. Cats also move differently than dogs. Thus, a 24 pound dog requires a lot more space than a 24 pound cat. If you’re concerned about the opening size, cut a hole that is 6 1/2 x 7 1/4 inches in a piece of cardboard, and see if your pet can get through.

The PlexiDor cat door is available for installation through a house door or wall, or with a glass kit.

This door has a single pane design instead of the saloon style doors found on the larger models, but the pane is made from the same sturdy K9 Glass as the larger doors, and lined with the same industrial weather seal as the larger doors. The frame is made from the same sturdy aluminum as the bigger doors, and available in white, bronze, or brushed aluminum.

The small PlexiDor does not come with a security plate – the opening is too small for anyone to get through. It also has a different type of locks than the larger models. Instead of having a lock and a key, it can be set to open, locked, or open in one direction only. That is, you can allow your pets to come in, but not go out again, or the other way around.

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