How does the PlexiDor close, and can my pet get stuck?

The PlexiDor closes through heavy-duty springs hidden in the frame. Pets don’t get stuck in the door – even if the cat or dog were to start going outside, turn, and go back in with the tail still in the door, the panels swing so easily that the pet will not get stuck.

Spring in the PlexiDor frame

The springs allow the panels to open easily enough for a small pet to use a larger door, yet without blowing open. Once the pet is through, the springs pull the panels shut, quickly and safely.

The doors are quiet, and you won’t have to worry about banging panels that may frighten your pet or disturb you.

The springs will withstand strong winds, but if there are extreme weather conditions they may not be able to keep the panels closed. If there is a hurricane or similar, it isn’t safe for your pet to be outside unsupervised. Bring your pets inside, lock the PlexiDor, and attach the security plate.

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