I have a Greyhound and a small dog, which size PlexiDor should I get?

Dog with measuring stickMany households have pets of different sizes that need to share the same PlexiDor. This isn’t a problem, just make sure you measure properly to get a pet door everyone can get through.

A Greyhound for instance needs a Large PlexiDor, but with the door mounted at the right height for the Greyhound, the threshold might be too tall for the smaller dog. If that is the case, you can go up one size and get a larger door.

A larger opening will allow for having the top at the right size for the tall dog, while also reaching close enough to the floor for the smaller dog to step through.

  • Measure the large dog from the top of the back to the ground. This is how tall the top edge of the door will need to be, so the large dog won’t have to crawl to get through.
  • Measure the small dog from the bottom of the chest to the ground. This is how low the bottom edge of the door will need to be, so the small dog will be able to step through.
  • Subtract the small dog’s number from the large dog’s number. This is how tall the opening needs to be.

Smaller dogs and cats can open the Large or even Extra Large PlexiDor – the panels swing open easily.


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