Programming a key for the Electronic PlexiDor pet door

When you purchase a PlexiDor Electronic pet door, it is delivered with collar keys. These are pre-programmed to fit the door. If you get more keys, you need to program them in order for the door to recognize them, and doing so is easy.

PlexiDor PDE Collar KeyJust follow these four steps:

  1. Remove the motor cover on the door. This is easily done by squeezing from both sides and tipping the cover down and out.
  2. With the cover gone, you should see a circuit board, a motor, and a metal spring. Hold they new key in front of the antenna loop area. You need to keep it there until the on/off light (blue) flashes. If the light blinks quickly, the door senses the key, but doesn’t recognize the code. That is, it’s not yet programmed.
  3. Locate the Program Button on the circuit board. Push and hold it for about four seconds. When you’re done, you will hear a quick beep and the Program Light will flash green.
  4. Test that the keys works by holding it in front of the door. The panel should slide up. If it doesn’t, check that the blue On/Off light is on. It should blink every 1.5 seconds.


Diagram PlexiDor Electronic