How do I remove a key programmed for the PlexiDor Electronic?

It’s currently not possible to remove a specific key from the door’s programming, you have to remove all of them and reprogram the ones you want to keep.

The process is easy, just follow these steps. You have to start the process for key deletion within 15 seconds of powering on the door.

  1. Power down or unplug the door. The power button is on the upper right side of the pet door frame.
  2. Remove the motor cover on the door. Squeeze it from both sides and tip it down and out.
  3. Turn the power back on, or plug the door back in.
  4. When you hear the door beep and the blue light flashes, press the Program Button five times in a row. The door will beep louder after the 5th press. This means the door is ready to delete the keys.
  5. Hold the Program Button down and press and hold the Test Button. You’ll need to keep the buttons down for about five seconds.
  6. The door will beep to let you know the process worked and the keys were deleted.

Now, you can reprogram the keys you want to keep. Click here for instructions!

Diagram PlexiDor Electronic