Should I get a manual or electronic PlexiDor?

Most pet doors are manual, meaning the pet pushes the dog door or cat door open when going through. An electronic door gives more control of which animals can open the door.

Manual and electronic PlexiDorThe regular PlexiDors are manual, and available in sizes small through extra large to accommodate a variety of pets and households. On these doors, the panels act as a window for the pet, enticing them to approach and open the door.

The electronic door opens when a pet with a key comes close enough. The key is an RFID tag that attaches to the pet’s collar, and the door will only open for a pet with a key. When the door unlocks, the panel slides up like a miniature garage door, and it closes automatically when the pet has gone through.

There is no guarantee another dog or cat won’t sneak through the door together with the pet with the key, but they would have to go close to each other.


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