Testing the PlexiDor Electronic Antenna Wire

The PlexiDor Electronic is a sturdy construction, but if the worst would happen and the door stops functioning, it’s good to know what to do. 

If you’re trying to program a new key and the door refuses to accept it, the most common problem is that there are too many keys programmed – the door can only handle ten. If, for instance, some keys have been lost and replaced, you may need to remove the programmed keys and add them again.

Testing Continuity TesterIf the PlexiDor Electronic won’t respond to any collar keys, but functions properly when the TEST button is pressed on the green circuit board, there might be a break in the antenna wire. To test this, you need three tools:

  • Phillips-head screw driver, to lower the upper panel cover
  • 1/8″ flat-head screw driver, to unscrew the antenna wires from the circuit board
  • A Continuity Tester or Volt Ohm Meter

If you don’t have a Volt Ohm Meter or can’t borrow one, a Continuity Tester is an inexpensive tool, readily available at most hardware stores. Test the tool before you leave the hardware store – these tools are inexpensive and sometimes broken right out of the package. If you can open the package and clip the alligator clip onto the probe, the light at the end of the tester will light up. This means that it’s working.

To test the door, unplug it from the power source and lower the upper panel cover. Make sure your Continuity Tester still works through clamping the alligator clip to the probe. The light at the end of the tester should come on.

Use a small flat-head screwdriver to unscrew the two antenna wires from the green connector box. See image below.

Unscrew Antenna Wires

Squeeze the alligator clip and clamp it onto one of the antenna wires. It doesn’t matter which one.

Attach Alligator Clip to Antenna Wire

Wrap the other antenna wire around the probe and hold it in place with a finger.

Wrap Antenna Wire Around Probe

Did the light on the Continuity Tester come on? If so, the antenna wire is not broken. You will need a new circuit board.

If the light doesn’t come on, the antenna wire has a break. You will need a new antenna panel.

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