Why is there a weight difference between cats and dogs on the PlexiDor small?

The small PlexiDor is recommended for dogs up to 9 pounds and cats up to 24 pounds. This is a big difference in weight, but cats and dogs are completely different types of animals, with different builds.

Weight difference between cats and dogs for a small PlexiDor dog doorA dog that weighs 24 pounds will appear much larger than a cat that weighs 24 pounds. Also, cats are more comfortable with tight spaces. The average cat doesn’t care about having to go through a small opening – they may even enjoy it – but the average dog will find it unsettling.

The best way to find out if the small PlexiDor is a good fit is cutting out the opening size in a piece of cardboard. The opening is 6 1/2 x 7 1/4 inches.

If your dog can get through this and seems comfortable with it, the small door will be fine. Otherwise, go up a size and get a medium door.

There are other differences than the size between the small and medium PlexiDors.

The small door has a single panel, and the medium has two saloon style panels. The small door has a four-way lock that can be set to:

  • Open both ways
  • Locked both ways
  • Open either in or out, but not in the other direction.

That is, the small door is able to let your pets in and not let them out again – or the other way around. The medium door has a regular lock and key, located on the inside of the house.

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