What is PlexiDor Glass? Glass Series Explained

The PlexiDor Glass Series is designed to replace the glass in a French door or a sliding glass door. It is a prefabricated glass pane with a factory installed PlexiDor, making installation in your home a breeze.

PlexiDor Glass Series dog door in sliding glass doorThe product uses glass that has been tempered and is insulated, to help keep weather outside. The glass is the same kind used in car windows, shower doors, and diving masks, and it is very strong.

Both glass and frame have a five-year warranty.

You can get the product with any size manual PlexiDor: small, medium, large, or extra large. The PlexiDor has a ten-year warranty.

We can help you find an authorized installer who will help you measure, store the original glass in case you want to revert the door to functioning without a pet door, and of course perform the installation. Call 888-PET-DOOR (888-738-3667).

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