What’s the difference between the PlexiDor and other pet doors?

The PlexiDor is constructed together with pet owners to solve common problems. It doesn’t require replacement flaps, it is sturdy, easy for pets to use, secure, and energy efficient.

Some of the things that distinguish the PlexiDor from other pet doors include:

The Frame

Many pet doors have plastic frames, or frames made by thin sheets of metal, and these frames can crack, rust, bend, or warp. The PlexiDor has a frame from thick anodized aluminum on both the inside and the outside of the house. This makes the door extremely durable.

PlexiDor pet doorThe Panels

Other pet doors have flaps made from plastic, vinyl, or rubber. The PlexiDor has see-through panels made from a material specially developed for this purpose – it is similar to the material used for airplane windshields.

The panels open with a gentle push and close automatically. They open so easily that a small dog or cat can share pet door with an extra large dog. A flap door for a Great Dane would be very heavy and impossible for a small pet to open, but with a PlexiDor, they figure out how to open one half of the saloon door and go through.

When the panels close, they do so automatically and without banging. There are springs concealed in the frame that ensure the panels never get stuck in the open position. Many doors make a lot of noise that can irritate humans and scare the pets. The PlexiDor is quiet.

Energy Efficiency

Weather needs to stay outside. The PlexiDor panels are lined with nylon pile weather seal to prevent drafts, and the panels themselves are molded to insulate against heat and cold. Compared to opening and closing a human-sized door, the PlexiDor will save money on heating and cooling.


In many cases, a pet door and the prospect of meeting a dog is enough to deter intruders. But for extra security, the PlexiDor has a lock and key – and a steel security plate that screws onto the frame.



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