Why does my cat’s mouth smell bad?

If your cat’s mouth smells bad, you should take them to the vet. A healthy feline mouth doesn’t stink.

Cat yawningDental diseases are the most common cause of a cat’s mouth smelling bad. Cats can get plaque and tartar just like humans, and they may need to have teeth cleaned or removed.

Gingivitis – inflammation of the gums – and stomatitis – inflammation of membranes in the mouth – are painful. If you notice your cat drooling excessively and having problems eating, contact your vet.

Other diseases can also cause foul breath:

  • Kidney disease can lead to breath that smells like ammonia or urine
  • Diabetes can cause a sweet smell, or one like aceton
  • Liver disease or an intestinal blockage can give a breath that smells like feces

The sooner your cat is treated, the better.